Our dedicated comfort specialists assess your home’s needs to find the air conditioning unit that best suits your budget and home size. If you have a smaller space (apartment or other), you won’t need an especially large system. The reverse is true of a larger home or business.

We offer many different models, including the following:

York® Affinity™ TCHD Air Conditioner

York® Affinity™ TCHD Air Conditioner

You don’t need to have the most powerful air conditioner in the world in order to keep an apartment or other small residence cool. In fact, from a budgeting standpoint, it may be in your best interest to have a smaller unit. The TCHD model has a SEER rating of 13, which means that it’s plenty efficient for an apartment.

York LX Series YCJF Air Conditioner

York® LX Series YCJF Air Conditioner

If you have a slightly larger space that will require more powerful air conditioning in Spruce Grove, try the YCJF model. It has a SEER efficiency rating of 14.5, and like all York® models, it comes with an ecofriendly refrigerant and a Micro-Channel Coil, which improves its performance.

York Affinity Series CZF Air Conditioner

York® Affinity™ CZF Air Conditioner

Homeowners with spacious homes or larger families need the greatest power and efficiency to keep everyone cool. They’ll get that with the CZF model. It has a SEER rating of 16, which means it’s very efficient and won’t waste energy while it cools your entire house. It comes with the added benefit of QuietDrive™ technology, so it’ll run without disturbing you and your neighbours.

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All of our air conditioners come with outstanding warranties, giving you peace of mind while keeping your home cool and comfortable. If you would like to know more about a St. Albert or Edmonton air conditioning installation, call us at 780-458-0706 today!